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We can help our loved ones cope with medical issues

How we can offer hope and support in order to assist healing
in advance of and after, a medical procedure.

Fear, anxiety, frustration, hope, excitement and more are
the gamut of feelings that are elicited by individuals because of medical
procedures and recovery periods. It is important to allow the individual to
express their feelings in order to support and understand them.  

It is important to make a plan and to help the patient know
what to expect after the procedure and who will be assisting.

The patient will need help with household chores, shopping
for food or having meals delivered.

It is always good to plan a visit and schedule a time that
is agreeable to all.

Lifting the patients spirits is also accomplished by having
a familiar face or close friends visit when possible.

Each recovery period is unique to the individual. Encourage
the patient to take their time returning to being well again.